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The artist Dave Miko
Born 1974, Shelton, Conneticut, USA.
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

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Dave Miko

Dave Miko
Words fade in and out, obscuring distinctions between background and foreground; the letters themselves are mannered and irregular; and the use of color, value and gradation upends the text’s legibility. At the same time, the words’ meanings are slippery, and seem to engage in a play with the paintings’ material, self-reflexive propositions. While certainly analytical and conscious of their histories and predecessors, Miko’s works are never diagrammatic, but rather place a premium on improvisation and
mutability, revealing a practice that flows easily among influences and styles as wide-ranging as Mel Bochner’s Thesaurus paintings, the schematic structure of Jess’ Translations, the work of Paul Thek, Forrest Bess and Alphonse Allais, as well Trompe l’oeil, geometric abstraction, and Albers’ color studies…

Dave Miko
Dave Miko is a painter who lives and works in New York City. He recently had his first solo exhibition, “Quiet Enough,” at Wallspace Gallery in New York…

Dave Miko
Look Back, Look Ahead, Look Sideways

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