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The artist Michael Sailstorfer
Born Jan 12 1979, Vilsbiburg, Bavaria, Germany.
Lives and works in London UK, .

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sculpture Objects,

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Michael Sailstorfer’s inclination toward architectural alchemy questions the historic dynamic of function. The artist appropriates objects with clear and practical purposes – sheds, lampposts, bus stops, and cars – to rearticulate them into other forms that are ironically distorted and highly dysfunctional...

In Sailstorfer’s three-dimensional art, he breathes new life into familiar items that feature in everyday life by placing them into a totally different context.

Michael Sailstorfer has entered global art discourses with his poetic transformations of everyday materials. Often using a romantic and pseudoscientific approach to his chosen material, he plays with the function of the original object through a process of deconstruction and reconfiguration...

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