Michael Borremans | the artist

The artist Michael Borremans
Born 1963, Geraardsbergen, Belgium.

Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Drawing,

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Michaël Borremans’ contribution to Manifesta 5 brings together a selection of older and more recent paintings in order to offer an in-depth look into his practice. These complex works portray strange mannequins caught in empty and frozen gestures, careful and obsessive repetitions of obscure rituals, and strange architectonic renderings...


MICHAËL BORREMANS’ star is rising steadily. The artist first made a name for himself with drawings of very detailed stage settings allowing the viewer to glimpse into surreal scenarios that evoke the reality of an artificial theater. That is the essence of Borremans’ art: tempting worlds situated somewhere very distant from our daily reality...

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We’re all trained from childhood to read pictures like stories. But the pictures of Belgian artist Michaël Borremans don’t work that way. Full as they are with seemingly narrative elements, they’re deliberately befuddling. That’s part of what makes them so mesmerizing...