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The artist Marko Lehanka
Born 1961, Herborn, Germany.
Lives and works in Frankfurt am Main, .

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sculpture Objects, skulptur projekte munster,

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Marko Lehanka’s world is trivial, and the beholder does not only recognise his/her everyday life in his works, but the banal character of events, which, at first glance, is a surprise…

In Lehanka’s terms, anyone coming into the exhibition space is confronted with an image. This image opens up a space for thought. In his new work, Nutzfahrzeuge 2005 (Commercial Vehicles), we find apparatus for transmitting motion, planes, boats or trains such as the Triebwagen Transsib - devices often crafted by the artist himself, which, whilst certainly having idiosyncratic proportions, in all probability do indeed function…

Marko Lehanka arbeitet in vielen künstlerischen Medien: computergenerierte Stories, handbemaltes Porzellan, Brunnen und Bänke, erzählerische Skulpturen (z.B. "Charlie") und reduzierte Objekte (wie Schwimmbäder oder Zigaretten Automaten) führen eine friedliche Koexistenz nebeneinander…

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