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The artist Mark Napier
Born 1961, Springfield, New Jersey, USA.
Lives and works in , USA.

Style and technique of the artist: Art and Electronic media,

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The Distorted $arbie

Moral rights allow the creator of a work of visual art to retain autonomy over that creation. Indeed, the artists who design Barbie dolls invest a great deal of personal effort and artistic talent into each doll. Would Mattel be able to claim that its �moral rights� have been violated by Napier or by those who maintain Barbie collectors' sites?..

"kids don't mix with civilization ... civilization deals with elaborate organizational structures whereas kids are little bundles of chaos that shit and piss all the time". This is the same man, though, that has been known to stay up all night with a colicy baby, research Yugi Oh! cards to try to understand it's universe while in card battle with his kids, and have been known to run around the playground with toddlers chasing and screaming after him with delight; all the while coding well into the next morning his net and software art...

Increasingly we live and navigate in a world composed of energy: electrical, magnetic and light. Digital media infuse our lives as never before. In this media environment, power is no longer associated with physical objects, but with the persistence of ideas in the collective consciousness of the media...