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The artist Marinella Senatore
Born 1977, Turin, Italy.
Lives and works in Madrid and New York.

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Marinella Senatore
In the last years, Senatore has been working with storytelling as a way to involve the public in the making
of an art work.
In such projects, that take the form of collaborative films, written with groups of people (i.e. a group of
rappers from the Hudson area around NYC, in How do U kill the Chemist, 2009; a neighborhood in
Naples, for Manuale per Viaggiatori, 2007, the city of Cuenca in Spain and the students from the
University, for Horizontes de Sucesos, 2007, the inhabitants of the mountain villages around Trento in All
the things I need, 2006) often developed in collaboration with institutions as museums and universities,
Marinella Senatore uses music as a place of exchange, where the viewer becomes participant, and the
hyerarchy between the artist as author and the public as recipient can be questioned and rewritten…

Marinella Senatore
Marinella Senatore (Italy, 1977) lives and works between Rome, NYC and Madrid.
She attended the National Film School in Rome, the Fine Art School in Naples, and is graduated in Art at University of Castilla-La Mancha where actually is attending a PHD in Public Art…

Marinella Senatore
Italian filmmaker and artist Marienella Senatore creates site specific, group film projects with communities around the world. Her film, Speak Easy, was created and produced by 1200 residents of Madrid, Spain. Over 400 residents of Trento, Italy, helped create All The Things I Need, a musical collaboration about the life of W. Bentley…

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