Maria Elena Gonzalez | the artist

The artist Maria Elena Gonzalez
Born 1957, Havana, Cuba.
Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York and Basel, Switzerland, .

Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects, Land and Environmental,

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Magic Carpet

INSTALLATION ART DID NOT BEGIN WITH DUCHAMP. It began in early medieval churches with the cult of the saints. The finger bone of one saint or the cloak of another are among our earliest readymades. Altars were installation sites for reliquaries and images of favorite saints...

Cuban born artist Maria Elena González has been creating art in the Red Hook area for twelve years. She has received numerous prestigious awards, including grants by Anonymous was a Woman, Pollock-Krasner Foundation, Tiffany Foundation and The Joan Mitchell Foundation; she has had recent solo exhibitions at Manhattan's El Museo del Barrio, Brooklyn's Rotunda Gallery and Hallwalls in Buffalo...

Maria Elena González* has been investigating the possibilities of formal sculpture for quite some time. Employing a vocabulary shaped by minimalism and conceptual art, and using simple geometric forms and industrial materials, she creates sculptural installations that are architecturally as well as personally informed. Her reappropriations of architectural symbols, and blueprints, allude to the political, cultural, and emotional coding of physical space...

The ideas that Maria Elena typically works with overlap with the day-to-day issues that Honolulu Habitat works to address. During her residency, Maria Elena will create two outdoor sculptures drawing from the Waimanalo home of the Kamaiopili Family...