Maria Eichhorn | the artist

The artist Maria Eichhorn
Born 1962, Bamberg, Germany.
Lives and works in Berlin, .

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Painting, Istanbul Biennial,

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Plot at Corner Tibusstraße/Breul, Province Münster, Hall 5, No. 672

Acquisition of land - The work consists in acquiring a piece of land. It comprises all the transactions and procedures involved in the purchase/sale of a plot, including research of open areas for sale, viewing, choice, title transfer, change of owner, entry in land-register, and use…

Simply titled ‘Money at Kunsthalle Bern’, Maria Eichhorn’s enterprise was an exploration of the structures that enable an exhibition space to function. The first phase of her project was the provision of a much needed renovation to the Kunsthalle building itself, where a lack of funding had resulted in leaky skylights, uncomfortable reception areas and large cracks in the façade. Eichhorn chose to use her exhibition budget to pay for the repairs, which were listed (including prices and names of contracted companies) on the invitation card, the poster for the show and the catalogue cover…

The project began with Eichhorn inviting left-wing organisations, sub-culture groups and other initiatives in Istanbul to design posters that could then be pasted prominently in one of the main public spaces in the city…

Het oeuvre van Maria Eichhorn (1962) heeft boven alles een maatschappelijke en politieke oriëntatie. Met haar werkt stelt ze op kritische en originele wijze het functioneren van de westerse samenleving en de daarin algemeen geaccepteerde waarden en handelswijzen aan de orde…