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The artist Luis Jacob
Born 1971, Lima, Peru.
Lives and works in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, .

Style and technique of the artist: Performance Art, Installation art, Documenta Kassel,

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An artist, curator, educator, writer, organizer and activist, Luis Jacob’s practice challenges categorization. His art production alone manifests itself as photography, sculpture, performance, artist multiples, public intervention, video and installation. Jacob’s pursuits are varied, but all are unified by his thoughtful concern for the philosophical and cultural possibilities of social interaction…

4 weeks since conception to 36 months since birth


A Dance… and Other Works

Luis Jacob and Noam Gonick’s video installation Wildflowers of Manitoba, which was commissioned for the 2007 Montreal Biennial, is a hallucinatory vision of nude boy-folk exploring the splendors of the Canadian Prairies. This project, and the subsequent photo edition and print multiple presented in this exhibition, revolve around a notion of Utopia as a blissful, sensual — and sexual — return to the land. These on-location shots imagine a scenario echoing late 60s counter-culture, with its widespread experimental communitarianism, environmentalism, and sexual liberation. Luis Jacob participated this summer in documenta 12…