Luis Fernandez | the artist

The artist Luis Fernandez
Pseudonym: (Luis Roberto Fernandez Lopez)
Born Apr 29 1900, Oviedo, Spain.
Died Oct 15 1973, , .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Biography and works

This picture is one of the maximum examples of Luis Fernández's "Picassoan" period (approximately 1938 to 1944). Characterised by its enormous expressive power, the picture appears to be a transposition of the horse and bull in Picasso's Guernica to a different setting...


Until a few years ago, the work of Luis Fernández was better known abroad than in Spain. Fortunately, his not inconsiderable production - in artistic terms - is gradually getting the reassessment it richly deserves, and Fernández is now recognised as one of the most important Spanish artists of this century...

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