Luca Pancrazzi | the artist

The artist Luca Pancrazzi
Born 1961, Figline Valdarno, Italy.
Lives and works in Mailand, Italy, .

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Painting, Video,

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Wesentliches Element im Werk des 1961in Florenz geborenen Künstlers Luca Pancrazzi ist das subtile Spiel mit den Erwartungshaltungen und den Wahrnehmungsmodi der Betrachter, die der Künstler auf überraschende Art und Weise immer wieder zu manipulieren weiß...

Pancrazzi’s point of view, which turns upside down normal visions, has stimulated our fantasy along routes and thoughts about the present. “Nothing in this world is completely identical for the reason that two bodies cannot take up one and the same place. Each body is identical to itself only.” These words of the Florentine mathematician Corrado Brodgi can be taken as an epigraph to this artist’s creation…


I simply filter reality and recreate it according to a poetic project. The transformation can be more or less intuitive, as in the process of digestion, when we introduce nourishing organic substances into our body system and transform them into what we need most. A varied diet will produce in us more varied and elaborate reactions to stimuli. Will produce in us more varied and elaborate reactions to stimuli. If you concentrate for days on matter and you go into its density and depth, observing and listening to the materials the world is made of, you can approach their composition and intimate life and, if they allow you, you can enter the universe of particles and exit through cosmos…

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