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The artist Luc Delahaye
Born Oct 8 1962, Tours, France.

Style and technique of the artist: Deutsche Borse Prize, Photography, Photography - Documentary,

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A contract photographer for Newsweek and member of the renowned photography agency Magnum Photos since 1994, Delahaye has been an award winning photojournalist recognized for his distinctive work for almost two decades...

Interview with Luc Delahaye in Art Press (Nov. 2004) (PDF)

De format panoramique, les photographies de Luc Delahaye ont été réalisées, depuis quatre ans, sur les terrains de l’actualité : lieux de guerres, de conflits ou de pouvoir, lieux où l’histoire se décide et se fait, au moment où elle se fait...

The villages of Gewara and Singito, in the region of Tioro, empty of their inhabitants after they were attacked by janjaweed militias in April.

Musenyi, 2004