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The artist Loretta Fahrenholz
Born 1981, Starnberg, Germany.
Lives and works in Berlin, .

Style and technique of the artist: Photography, Video,


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Loretta Fahrenholz’ filmische Arbeiten bewegen sich im Spannungsfeld zwischen fiktivem Realismus und dokumentarischem Kammerspiel. Sie untersucht die wirtschaftlichen, kulturellen und sozialen Bedingungen von Kunst- und Kulturproduktion, sie thematisiert künstlerisches Arbeiten...

Loretta Fahrenholz and Hans-Christian Lotz bring to life the discrepancy between the claim of artistic work’s social relevancy and its actual potential effectiveness as a somnambulistic-pubescent state in which the protagonists are increasingly thrown back upon themselves. The integration of various types of images, film genres, narrative forms and manners of staging into a loose narrative framework turns How to calm down into a kaleidoscopically reflexive film. An equally diversified and aesthetic portrait of a generation of young artists is created, their political and social interest is canceled out by constant self-reflection within the context of art...

“A” is sitting at a spick shiny table with a light blue monochrome screen behind him. He is wearing a jacket and a tie. In front of him on the table are a paper bag and a bottle of ketchup.