Bernd Lohaus | the artist

The artist Bernd Lohaus
Born 1940, Düsseldorf, Germany.
Died Nov 4 2010, Antwerp, Belgium.
Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects, Performance Art,

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His work is extremely diverse, but at the same time highly consistent. Regardless of whether you are considering his drawings, water colours, works with rope, wooden beams, waxed boxes or his bronze sculptures, time and time again his work testifies of an economic and humble approach, that results in a grand poetic statement. The longer you look at it, the more it moves you. It is tender and honest and refuses to compromise. You can describe Lohaus’ work as a series of decisive incisions, which terminate a time of looking and pondering...

The combinations of words, in relation to their support – the material – summon up contrasts and resemblances, and thereby expose inner tensions. These verbal messages often refer to human relationships (together/alone, female/male, I/you)...

Bernd Lohaus's work is characterized by the association of sculptural shapes, of stones sometimes or of metal, but most of all of beams of Azobe wood on which you can see the passage of time; they carry bribes of sentences or words...