Nadia Kaabi Linke | the artist

The artist Nadia Kaabi Linke
Born 1978, Tunis, Tunisia.
Lives and works in , Tunis, Berlin and Paris..

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Painting, Sharjah Biennale,

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born in Tunis in 1978 from a Russian mother and a Tunisian father. She experienced life in many countries, languages, and cultures, such as Ukraine (Kiev), Tunisia (Tunis and Bizerte), the United Arabian Emirates (Dubai), and France (Paris), where she combined her artistic work with the academical formation in philosophy and sciences of art. Today, she lives and works both in Tunis and Berlin. She accomplished her scientific research in artistic poeïtics, which focused the subject “The Invisible: the Pictorial Emergence of the Surface in Installation-Paintings” with the degree of a PhD in 2008. This intellectual concept remained central to here practical art work. The painting is not the only and not the prior media of her work, but often it seems to be a media of reflexion where even her installations are based on.

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My artistic approach for the last four years evolved continuously through a reflection based on two major axes: the praxis of installation in the means of paintings. In other words my work aims to create a “voluminosity” and a spatial depth and “atmosphere” through the determination of a plane, the surface. The second axe of reflection concerns the temporality as element of creation where time becomes an active medium and even a tool of work interfering directly in the process of auto-production of the image...


Under Standing Over Views, 2009