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The artist Elisheva Levy
Born 1980, Israel.
Lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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Elisheva Levy
In “Oh!,” Levy creates a swath of sweet blue graffiti sky on slippery, shiny panels across the gallery’s floor. Viewers come upon a moment of mutual surprise, as the artist appears to have just suddenly fled upon discovery, leaving behind the spray-cans of her idling wonder. Upon closer inspection, however, these cans reveal themselves as beautifully constructed paper fabrications…

Elisheva Levy (pdf-file)

Elisheva Levy

Elisheva Levy
Israeli news service Haaretz champions Elisheva Levy’s current installation in the Herzliya Biennial of Contemporary Art in Israel as a notable contribution. In addition, she was recently featured in “FIRST LOOK II: the best of the new artists in the U.S.” at the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art…

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