Lee Krasner | the artist

The artist Lee Krasner
Born Oct 28 1908, Brooklyn New York, USA.
Died 1984, , .
Style and technique of the artist: Abstract Expressionism, Painting, Action painting,

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(Lena)(Lenore)(Krassner); Wife of Pollock.

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Lee Krasner, who married Pollock in 1944, was not celebrated at all during Pollock’s lifetime—which was cut short in 1956 by a fatal car crash due to driving while intoxicated. Yet it was she who actually started covering the canvas with a passionate flurry of marks. The originality and integrity of her vision and its great sense of internal cohesion is now beginning to be recognized.

Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center.

Gothic Landscape

Works in the MOMA collection

For better of for worse, Lee Krasner is best known for her relationship with Jackson Pollock, who stood as the inarguable leader of the American abstractionist movement. They first met in 1942, and three years later the pair wed one another. The couple then moved from New York City to the East Hamptons, in order to concentrate more successfully on their own artistic sensibilities…