Laszlo Moholy-Nagy | the artist

The artist Laszlo Moholy-Nagy
Born July 20 1895, Bacsbord, Hungary.
Died Nov 24 1946, Chicago, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Photography, Kinetic Art, Constructivism, Bauhaus, Sydney Biennale,

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Laszlo Moholy Nagy: Visueller Gestalter, Maler und Fotograf.

Selected Works

Works in the Guggenheim Museum, with biography.

Except for a very brief hiatus at the end of the 1920s, Moholy considered himself a painter, first and foremost. His short autobiography, Abstract of an Artist (1944), gives an account of how his art evolved. He wrote that at first his work was figurative because he found the contemporary art of his day chaotic…

Lightplay: Black-White-Grey (excerpt) (1932) 1 min. 40 secs