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The artist Pe Lang + Zimoun
Born 1974, , Switzerland.
Lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland.

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Video,

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Pe Lang b.1974, Sursee, Switzerland. Lives and works in Zürich and Berlin.
Zimoun b.1977, Bern, Switzerland. Lives and works in Bern.

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Artist's website

Artist's website

Untitled Sound Objects

Pe Lang (b. 1974 in Switzerland) is a sound artist based in Zurich and Berlin. His work includes sound installation, performance and composition. Lang has performed and exhibited his work at a number of festivals...

When Swiss sound artist Zimoun (his moniker is a phonetic retooling of his first name, Simon) first met Berlin-based media artist and programmer Pe Lang at an electronic music festival in 2004, the two quickly found they shared an intuitive sense of the language of sound. Based on forms and materials more familiar to architecture, the pair gradually developed a collaboration that has come to represent one of contemporary art’s most fascinating and rigorous investigations of acoustic architecture...

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