Andreas Kocks | the artist

The artist Andreas Kocks
Born 1960, Oberhausen, Germany.
Lives and works in , New York City and Munich.

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art,

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I think for me what is the most improbable, and thus enjoyable and provocative, is that the actual works – made of simple cut lines and graceful negative spaces in white or black – are so emotional. They burst with a barely constrained and refined unconscious jolt. For me, Andreas Kocks has somehow, in this weird and unexpected act of representation, unleashed from a history which began as resistant or even antagonistic, found a place where power can be unearthed without threat, where violence can be contemplative, where ferocious acts can be redemptive and where an image might tender the hope its process of creation offers.

It’s truly breathtaking what artist Andreas Kocks can do with paper.

Kocks’ work focuses on the integration of fine art and architecture. His favorite medium is heavy watercolor paper. By cutting into it and installing multiple layers on the site, he transforms the “contained architectural box” into a territorial surface. The entire gallery feels physically activated as he redefines existing boundaries. The walls of the architecture no longer define the space. Instead, Kocks modifies the conventional cube by removing its innate banality and replaces it with an immediate cerebral experience. In a deliberate way Kocks has “tagged” the walls with his papercuts but has also left an implied trace of the viewer’s passive action. Moreover, he invites the viewer to move and change their position thus modifying his or her viewpoint...