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The artist Kenneth Knowlton
Born 1931, Springville, New York, USA.
Lives and works in USA.

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Kenneth Knowlton

Kenneth Knowlton

Kenneth Knowlton
video: Poemfield no.2

Kenneth Knowlton
Nude, 1966

Kenneth Knowlton
Whether the computer is defining a new branch of art is an open and difficult question, particularly in the area of works defined entirely by logic (i.e., those resulting from processes with no natural input or human interaction once the computer program has been written). This latter category, the most severe form of ‘computer’ art, I would like to discuss, beginning with a definition of art…

Kenneth Knowlton
We were all trying, exploring and enjoying things made possible by new hardware and software. Few of us were aware that we were making History — a misfortune for historians because both stories and artifacts, who knows how many, have slid into oblivion…

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