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The artist Keith Farquhar
Born 1969, Edinburgh, Scotland.
Lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland, .

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sculpture Objects, Athens Biennale,

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It’s about dragging the stuff that surrounds you into a place that you find beautiful.

V-Necks Vs Round-Necks. Pringle jumpers, golf clubs and mixed media

‘Come To The Shops Dear’ and other works online

Vagina (Red, blue, yellow)

There’s a totemic quality to Farquhar’s ‘Pringle’ pieces, a sense that they are contemporary objects of faith. The spear-wielding sweaters in his earlier Community Hot Spots are a case in point. Half Lascaux cave painting, half a coded reference to the sleeve of Roxy Music’s Flesh and Blood (1980), they’re a shamanistic invocation of football casuals‚ up-for-it aggression and slick art school cool…