Kain Tapper | the artist

The artist Kain Tapper
Born June 6 1930, Saarijärvi, Finland.
Died Aug 17 2004, Helsinki, Finland.
Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects,

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Finnish wood and stone were the main materials used by Kain Tapper. His works were typified by a poetic minimalism, drawing heavily from nature, especially the lake and river landscapes of his native Saarijärvi...

Kain Tappers Beitrag zur Skulptur unserer Gegenwart liegt in der Synthese von einer rationalen, konstruktiv-geometrischen Formenvorstellung mit einer emotionalen, untergründigen Bindung an die elementaren Kräfte der Natur...

Sculpture and drawing

Kain Tapper has made an extraordinary career in Finnish sculpture. His work, derived from organic natural forms and ornamented by chisel marks, shows the influence of expressive art...

There are three spatial orders of aesthetic contemplation: background, middleground, and foreground. The background is our environment. It is the order of architecture. The foreground, within arm's reach, is the order of objects. The middleground, at which our powers of sight function with maximum efficiency, is the order of presences. Anything in the middleground that it not otherwise explicable might be deemed "art."...