Julio Resende | the artist

The artist Julio Resende
Born 23 oct 1917, Porto, Portugal.
Died 21 sept 2011, Valbom, Gondomar, Portugal.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Júlio Martins Resende da Silva Dias

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A acumulação de pastas e blocos de desenhos, registos de vivências (quantas!) despertaram em mim o imperativo de uma reflexão desapaixonada quanto ao destino a dar a tais registos.

From a very young age he was always used to living in an artistic and musical environment, painting and illustrating. This went against the expectations of his parents, who had hoped he would follow a musical or a business career. With the help of Aurora Jardim, who worked for two of the most famous periodicals in Porto, Jornal de Notícias and O Primeiro de Janeiro, he was sent to drawing and painting classes at the Silva Porto Academy, directed by Alberto Silva. However, despite the investment in the arts, he left high school to take a commercial course between 1934 and 1935...