Judy Ledgerwood | the artist

The artist Judy Ledgerwood
Born 1959, Indiana, Brazil.

Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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In the tradition of Modernist painting, Judy Ledgerwood paints monumental abstract compositions that explore light, color, and structure. Her paintings are formal, decorative, and tranquil while simultaneously being highly personal, optically challenging, and inherently subversive…

Ms. Ledgerwood’s blooms consist of four large circles whose vaguely figurative cruciform arrangement seems squeezed onto a field of contrasting color. This background in turn suggests a flimsy textile tacked to the wall; that it is hardly commensurate with the hefty circles is part of the paintings’ humor…


Practically I work toward efficiency.  I schedule studio days around teaching days, and give myself permission to make art while Rome burns as often as possible…