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The artist John Held jr.
Born Jan 10 1889, Salt Lake City, USA.
Died March 2 1958, New Jersey, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Drawing,

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HeldÂ’s earliest artistic training was from his father, an engraver illustrator and popular bandleader. Held sold his first cartoon to a local newspaper at the age of nine and his first image to Life by the age of fifteen. In 1912 Held moved to New York City. He first worked for an advertising company and soon was selling illustrations to Vanity Fair, Life, and Judge. After a stint in the Navy during the First World War, Held returned to New York...

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The Rumrunner's Sister-in-Law

Living first in New York with his friend Mahonri Young, Held found jobs easy to come by at the outset of his career. He initially designed streetcar posters, but quickly advanced to art work for Wanamaker's...