Joan Brown | the artist

The artist Joan Brown
Born Febr 13 1938, San Francisco, CA, USA.
Died Oct 26 1990, Puttaparthi, India.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Brown's art is highly autobiographical. It draws subjects from family, friends, and animals...

The late Joan Brown's A Few of Her Favorite Things: Models, Cats, and Dogs is both a celebration and a homage to the late California narrative artist. The gallery also commemorates its twentieth anniversary with Brown, whose art first launched the gallery...

Joan Brown received her formal education at the California School of Fine Arts, San Francisco, where she graduated with a Master’s of Fine Arts in 1959. In her early years, Brown was influenced by a diversity of artistic groups including the German Expressionists, the French Impressionists, and the works of Western European old masters...

For Brown, art was a means of self-revelation and self-investigation, a fact made abundantly clear by the autobiographical nature of her work...

Woman with Lavender Rose' and other works