Jillian Elisabetta Ciaccia | the artist

The artist Jillian Elisabetta Ciaccia
Pseudonym: thefictionist
Born July 19, 1982, Brooklyn, New York, USA.
Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York, .

Style and technique of the artist: Existential Art, Writing,

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jillian elisabetta ciaccia, thefictionist, has been making the mundane
profound since 1982, when birthing contractions struck a young mother at
high noon during a July day in Brooklyn, New York. The result was a
short story writer, whose precise word choice and obsession with the
everyday has led to a series of literary portraits that underscore the
beauty of, for example, dust, digestion, breathing, urinating, walking
and various human behaviors, internal and out, conscious and

Two volumes of short stories, absurdities and peculiarities, are
available through her web site as a downloadable PDF or as a print
version, signed by thefictionist and bound by hand.

Both options are completely free of charge.

"Your book [absurdities] is extraordinary and inventive with so much to
think about and read over, just as I knew it would be . . .

—Susan Daitch, author of L.C., The Colorist, and Storytown

Although a writer, thefictionist’s short stories are very
much bright, thick, complex literary portraits of the everyday.

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The artist's web site, including events, news and links to her writing. All work is free to download; copies of the short story collections are printed, bound, autographed by thefictionist and free of charge.

"overly Dramatic portrait of a walk" Featured publication in the September 2007 Brooklyn Rail: a newspaper of critical perspectives on Art, Politics and Culture. Cirulation 30,000.

New York Center for Independent Publishing. thefictionist is a featured writer at the 20th Annual Independent & Small Press Book Fair. A reading and distribution of her books: Dec 1-2 2007. Please visit the site for details.