Jedediah Caesar | the artist

The artist Jedediah Caesar
Born 1973, Oakland, CA, USA.

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art,

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Resin and waste

Gathering natural and man-made debris like stones, packaging, and scraps, Caesar preserves them in a range of forms, including colored resin slices, impressions cast in clay, and raw assemblages…

Three Views from Space

The sculptor Jedediah Caesar¬ís invented medium is an amalgam of found objects encased in clear or colored resin, which he began creating in late 2003, when it occurred to him that he was more interested in materials themselves than in constructing sculptures with them. In an act of metaphorical rebirth, he filled buckets and other containers with leftover scraps of plywood, along with paper, pieces of cloth, and other assorted studio debris. He poured in liquid resin, and when it hardened he removed solid masses of an essentially new kind of material. He later went on to fill cardboard boxes with bottles, cups, sponges, socks, and other objects that he fused together with resin, and then took the resulting blocks of material to a factory outside Los Angeles where he had them cut with band saws, finally polishing the surfaces to reveal the embedded components trapped like flies in translucent amber…

Caesar accumulates a variety of materials and debris from his studio which he pours into card board boxes and other containers that are then filled with clear or colored resin…