Jean-Pierre Gauthier | the artist

The artist Jean-Pierre Gauthier
Born 1965, Matane, Quebec, Canada.

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sculpture Objects, Kinetic Art, Sobey Art Award,

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Noise surrounds us, it is inside us, it is everywhere. It besieges us constantly. It is a dishevelled heap, a sonorous and protean mass in opposition to all separate and distinct sonorities. It is undesirable. The composer of noise, or bruitiste, for his part, creates sound images, imitiations and sound simulations using objects. These objects are so unrelated to the subject evoked that they provoke astonishment. Many of my installations rest on this principle of the gap between the object, its usual function and its sound potential...

Biography and artworks

With its waves of alternately natural, synthetic and aggressively electronic sound, Jean-Pierre Gauthier’s exhibition of new sculptures may be more interesting as a single audio environment than as a display of individual artworks. Still, in addition to the engulfing sounds, sorting out the relationship between what you hear and what you see is engaging...

Gauthier ingeniously transforms electrical cable, funnels, pulleys and other industrial and everyday objects into living, moving, singing organisms. His dynamic installations invoke the opposing forces of order and chaos, permanence and fragility. Each work invites the viewer to experience and interact with its visual, sound, and moving parts...

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