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The artist Jane Kelly
Born 1956, London, England.

Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Stuckism,

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"I've always been fascinated by Myra Hindley's disastrous life and because hers was the first horrible crime I knew about as a child. I wanted to see what she might have looked like in the kind of family situation she was always denied."

Interview with the artist


I am fascinated by the history of the 20th Century, particularly what is now called The Holocaust. I have been interested in this narrative since I first discovered it, aged 11, reading a book called This Is Your Century. At the time I could not find anyone else who was interested in the subject or who seemed to know anything about it.Like football there was no big issue about it and it was not discussed by "respectable" people. Much later I was able to live in Poland for a year and explored the subject further...