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The artist Jan Dibbets
Born May 9 1941, Weert, Netherlands.
Lives and works in Amsterdam, NL and San Casciano Bagni, Italy, .

Style and technique of the artist: Printmakers, Conceptual Art,

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The camera records something quite different from what we see. There are no rectangular formats in nature, only in art (paintings, sheets of music or poems, windows, ravioli), and only if we choose to look at it that way. For Perspective Correction, My Studio I, 1: Square on Floor, 1969, the earliest work in the show, Jan Dibbets taped an upside-down trapezoid (in relation to the camera) on his studio floor and took a photograph (the work) so that the trapezoid, distorted by perspective, appears to be a square...

In this work the artist produced a series of photographs of the horizon, where land and sky part. For each new photograph of this typically Dutch, almost abstract landscape, the camera was turned a single degree...

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