Istvan Horkay | the artist

The artist Istvan Horkay
Pseudonym: (Horkay)
Born Dec 25 1945, Budapest, Hungary.
Lives and works in Budapest HUNGARY/Paradise Valley, AZ USA, .

Style and technique of the artist: Pop Art, Collage, Digital Art,

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And yet, word is not the life. People talk just to attack something or to defend themselves. But the one who refuses talking... How secretful a picture is... A gleam... that cannot be explained. Bram van Velde

Quite common is when a painter traces the pictures of one-time artists to learn from them, to crib their secrets, to employ their knowledge for this own picture making fantasy. It could be quite common; but Horkay traces not Leonardo or Rubens, but a text, namely the first handwritten page of Freud's Entwurf einer Psychologie (1985), the mode how Freud's hand was writing, how he transformed the thought into a tangle of signs and letters. On the write surface (all-permitting and resistant at the same time) the Freudian text appears as a kind of a culture historical frottage x if I may use this term in a somewhat figurative sense after Max Ernst. The text does not mean simply itself; it is hardly eligible. The meaning of the picture is born from an injury to the tangle of words. The never re-whitenable surface is penetrated by colors; constancy is re-achieved, since the retraced (frottage), and all written artpiaces lose permanency with advancing time.

The Poet would be happiest if he could express his Thoughts without Words.("What an interesting Admission!" wrote Ludwig Wittgenstein.)"Someone, Somewhere" is how I title my Works, thinking of the Free Individual, who Himself has become the Center of the of Our Post Human Age, the Focus of Our Collective Memory.The Question is How to give Visual Expression to that Memory, so that the thus created Contents, can leave a Lasting Impression.An Idea or an Image acquires a New Dimension as it is combined with other Images

Horkay, the application of the painting historical element in the picture is a remembrance of an era we are over; over we are the naive relatedness created by perspective, and over we are the picture creating technique that relies on the latter. The application is neither parodistic, nor is an ironic citation, but is an emergence-transparence of a pictorial element of a past era as an item of a set. This set Ü writings, documents, stamps, painted pictures, etc. Ü is not else than some accumulated mass of culture and knowledge that surrounds us as a fermenting and evaporating hill of rubbish, of which everyone tries to save something, as allowed by his own fancy and the laceration and destruction degree of the hill itself.

Horkay's Museum Factory series combines original drawn and painted images, appropriated masterpieces, photographs, artists' signatures and commercial logos. These elements are digitally assembled, i.e., collaged, to create a single, layered moment reflecting different places and times. This work is post pop, i.e., post modern pop art. Whereas Warhol took moments from popular culture and turned them into history, Horkay takes history and turns it into a moment, as though the past millennium was a monolithic unit of time."