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The artist Ida Ekblad
Born 1980, Oslo, Norway.
Lives and works in Berlin and Olso, .

Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Sculpture Objects, Venice Biennale,

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‘Febermalerier’, Ida Ekblad’s first solo show in Paris, is something of a departure for the young artist. Instead of satirical appropriations of American youth and gangster cultures (an example of which, Untitled (M), 2008, is in the New Museum’s current ‘Younger than Jesus’ survey), Ekblad offers seven densely expressionistic oil paintings, three colourful welded metal sculptures and a poem. There is a whiff of northern romanticism to the exhibition: the paintings are reminiscent of Asger Jorn, and the poem Ekblad penned in place of a press release, Feberdikt (2009), takes its title from Knut Hamsun. And yet one registers no disjunction from her earlier practice - even though on paper one probably should...

Ida Ekblad relates, in a natural way, to a tradition of painting and sculpture. Combining free and spontaneous painterly gestures with a graffiti culture, she is quite at home among popular culture and street culture’s teeming flora of expressions. At first sight, we see painting and sculpture of a neoexpressionist idiom. However, look closer and our contemporary age appears in the form of parts of copper wire, corrugated iron and deformed cymbals in what is the raw material of Ekblad’s sculptures. The materials and found objects function as reminders of our time’s mass produced and industrial abundance, which have been spared its fate to rot in a container and been merged into new entities...