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The artist Huma Bhabha
Born 1962, Karachi, Pakistan.
Lives and works in Poughkeepsie, New York, .

Style and technique of the artist: The Larry Aldrich Award, Sculpture Objects, Whitney Biennial,

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Working with found materials and constructed forms, Huma Bhabha reworks the familiarity of everyday objects into creepy inventions. Something between a primitive species and space alien, her Untitled is both ghastly and sympathetic. Set atop an altar-like plinth, BhabhaÂ’s figure prostrates in submissive position. Shrouded in black, hands outstretched as if in prayer, it echoes humility and reverence; its aura of calm perversely interrupted by a rigid tail trailing out from behind.

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Cargo Tomb’

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Huma Bhabha culls her sculptures from the archives of science fiction. Like a shadow of Rodin that has fallen into the gutter and reassembled itself with discarded material, Bhabha morphs mineral to vegetable to animal…