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The artist Gary Hill
Born 1951, Santa Monica, California, USA.
Lives and works in Seattle, USA.

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“Gary Hill”:

Gary Hill
“Crux”, 1983 1987

Gary Hill
profile & work

Gary Hill
Hill’s video art does not sit easily within an art historical perspective, nor does it rest well within an already unstable history of video art. The history and nature of video art is problematic because it is “between cinema and a hard place,” as the title of Hill’s 1991 video installation suggests…

Gary Hill
How does video mediate our perception of the body? This question is at the core of the work of acclaimed artist Gary Hill, who explores video in both its sculptural and projected forms…

Gary Hill Playing with oppositions between haziness and clearness, darkness and dazzle, the technical speed and the slowness of the retinal adaptation, he establishes marks for a dialectic achieved within dazzling paroxysm (strobes), when all senses shiver into delight…

Gary Hill
Language Willing presents four new works by one of the founders of video installation art. For more than 20 years, Hill has used video imagery with computer manipulation to create powerful installations that interact with the viewer…

Gary Hill

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