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The artist Aaron Heino
Born 1977, Pori, Finland.
Lives and works in Helsinki, Finland.

Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects,

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Aaron Heino was born in Pori, Finland in 1977. He moved to Helsinki in 2001 to study art in Art School Maa; the following year he moved to Lahti where he studied sculpture in the Institute of Fine Arts of the Lahti University of Applied Sciences from   2002 - 2006.
He lives and works in Helsinki, Finland.
He made his first public sculpture in 2005   when he was still studying in the Institute of   Fine Arts. His first major solo exhibition   was 2008.

Aaron Heino’s works are utopias; they depict the ideal. Universal hedonism as an attitude to life shows in the way he works; in life his works create links to everyday living.

He does not do series or exhibitions that are driven by a particular idea: works come into existence and grow from the work process. Through everyday work, works take part in everyday life.

“The depth of individual’s private ideas grows the most universal works”.

In other words, the more personal the starting point, the better the sculpture. The individual is inevitably in relation to the collective.

Love of working reduces the materials in his sculptures to tools. In his works, form carries more meaning than material. But on the other hand, a large part of his interest is directed towards the ability of the materials to act as a structure or as a part of it. Variations in forms and the depiction of states of matter in relation to living organisms create works with multiple meanings.

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