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The artist Roland S. Heim
Born 1962, Bregenz, Austria.
Lives and works in Wolfurt, Austria.

Style and technique of the artist: Photography,

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Biography and Exhibitions:
Roland S. Heim first became interested in photography in his youth.
He has received numerous prizes and awards. He was e.g. the first Austrian photographer who gained the „Photographer Of The Week“ award from „The New Nude“ …

Roland S. Heim
Artist’s website

Artist Photo Art
In some of his more recent work it is difficult to tell the difference between photography and painting. Roland S. Heim does not take commissions, he only pursues his free artistic career …

Art Magazine The New Nude
Throughout the years, Roland S. Heim has participated and won a number of photos contests both in his native Austria and abroad. He is widely known for his soft photographic style and for giving his nudes a feminine quality that few could match …

Roland S. Heim
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