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The artist Newell Harry
Born 1972, Sydney, Australia.
Lives and works in Sydney, Australia.

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sydney Biennale,

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Beginning with the phrase ‘the natives are restless’, Harry refers to the cultural agitation bought about by colonial migration. In this exhibition he refers to the island castaway as a metaphor to express the complexity in his discussions of identity, nomadism, dislocation and the myths associated with sea trade and colonial adventure...

Beginnings and endings/endings and beginnings… Indecision is an unfortunate trait of mine. I’m terrible at completing things, let alone starting them. I put things off for weeks, dumbstruck with inertia, never confident or quite sure what to do. In part, the title, Fish or Cut Bait?, is a reference to this. It’s also true I’m a keen angler and grew up bagging Kingies from the North Bondi cliffs and Bronte cemetery, though this fact has no influence. The title may also be read as a kind of vernacular response to Che fare? (what to do?)...

On a cold and wet winter's day in Sydney I headed down to the Roslyn OIxley9 Gallery in Paddington to check out the exhibition by Newell Harry, VIEWS FROM THE COUCH. At the top of the stairs a neon statement "The Natives are Restless", and in the main gallery space an installation containing more neon, vessels, large drawings, and woven mats...