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The artist Hala Elkoussy
Born 1974, Cairo, Egypt.
Lives and works in Amsterdam and Cairo, .

Style and technique of the artist: Photography, Istanbul Biennial, Sharjah Biennale,

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BijlmAIR: Soap Stories Hala Elkoussy is currently resident of BijlmAIR, the artist-in-residence project in the Bijlmer district of Amsterdam run by CBK Zuidoost in collaboration with Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam. For the working period of four months, Elkoussy proposed to develop a project ?inspired by the format of the British television soap that features unglamorous open-ended narratives, focusing on life in certain geographical locations…

Frauen im Orient - Frauen im Okzident

The myths and legends that Hala Elkoussy’s Myths & Legends Room – The Mural refers to are not those of a distant past but of today. They are photographic tales based on historical facts, rumors, religious beliefs, traditions, and other myths and legends, conjuring up narratives through which reality shimmers: the reality of life in Cairo, the city that lies at the base of almost all of Elkoussy’s works…

The video essay, Peripheral Stories, is comprised of textual and sound material drawn from testimonials, media reports and popular cultural products used to puncture the dream-like quality of the visual imagery, anchoring it to the reality of daily existences…

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