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The artist Haim Steinbach
Born 1944, Rehovot, Israel.
Lives and works in New York, USA, .

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Neo-Conceptualism, Neo-Pop,

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The New York based artist, Haim Steinbach, has been under represented in Britain. Steinbach has shown frequently on the Continent, particularly in France, Germany and Italy...

When I began working with objects in the late 1970s, most objects I employed were used objects that I got from flea markets and yard sales. For instance, all the objects in an installation I did at Fashion Moda in the South Bronx in 1980 came from the neighborhood second-hand stores or were picked off the street. The idea of a desire for a "cultural object-as-commodity," something which "exists outside," intrigues me because I believe that what exists outside eventually comes inside. A "commodity object," once acquired, becomes internalized. What I think you are getting at here is an idea of an alienated desire...

ultra red #2'

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