Gyorgy Kepes | the artist

The artist Gyorgy Kepes
Born 1906, , Hungary.
Died 2001, , USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Digital Art, Art and Electronic media, Installation art, Photography, Sculpture Objects, Design, Painting,

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Befejezetlen, 1971

There have been many influences on the life and career of this painter, sculptor, filmmaker, planner, designer, writer, and educator, and György Kepes has, in turn, touched hundreds through his teaching and countless more through the impact of his design...

In his early career he gave up painting for filmmaking. This he felt was a better medium for artistically expressing his social beliefs...

Gyorgy Kepes was the greatest pioneer in the marriage of art and technology in America, if not the world. He was a visionary, a towering intellect and a breathtaking artist...

Throughout his career, Mr. Kepes took commercial assignments, producing designs for objects from books and bathroom tiles to major stained-glass windows for St. Mary's Cathedral in San Francisco and the First and Second Church in Boston, the city's oldest continuous church...


“Languages of Vision” brings together a representative selection of the various phases of Kepes’ career from 1936 to 1987, courtesy of the Kepes Visual Center in Eger, Hungary.