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The artist Gunther Forg
Born 1952, Fussen, Germany.
Lives and works in Areuse, Switzerland, .

Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Sculpture Objects, Photography, Wolfgang Hahn Prize,

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gunther forg untitled. The materiality of paint, and Förg’s manipulation of it, has always been an index of the human subject, but one that remains an everyman subject, because Förg’s mark-making is as impersonal as it is inimitable.

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Works of Günther Förg

Because monochromatic color fields are an important aspect of Günther Förg’s work, it seems natural to consider him a minimalist painter. But examination of the range of his work demonstrates Förg’s dual purposes. His mimicry of minimalism is indeed an homage, but it also strives to highlight the failure of modernist ideals.

Untitled, 1990, acrylic on lead on wood

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