Gunter Brus | the artist

The artist Gunter Brus
Born 1938, Ardning, Austria.

Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Performance Art, Drawing, Body Art, Documenta Kassel, Oskar Kokoschka Prize,

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Though Gunter Brus (Arnding, Austria, 1938) is among the most prominent on the international contemporary art scene, his work can only be understood within the national context of Austrian art…

His provocative actions of the 1960s caused chaos and violent indignation in the narrow-minded, religious, conservative Austria of the period. Günter Brus (b. 1938) has never lost the resulting maverick image, even though he is now part of the Austrian art establishment and regarded as one of the country’s greatest living artists. This exhibition in the Gemeentemuseum focuses on Brus’s work in the period when he abandoned his performances and self-mutilation and turned mainly to writing and drawing. These media allowed him to give his imagination free rein, without taking physical restrictions into account. The resulting works are wonderful, fantastical drawings and image-poems reminiscent of the Symbolist pictures of earlier Viennese artists like Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt…

Gunter Brus - Ana.  Filmed by Kurt Kren, 1964.

In the course of thirty years Brus has produced a solid oeuvre, consisting mainly of drawings and texts. These bizarre works illustrate the artist’s raw philosophy in which he examines the unconscious structures of human existence and demonstrate the everlasting urge to offend…