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The artist sencer gulun
Born december 24, 1956, konya, turkey.
Lives and works in istanbul, turkey.

Style and technique of the artist: Digital Art, Installation art, Video,

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Sencer Gülün

Sencer Gülün was accepted by both State Academy of Fine Arts and University of Applied Arts in 1975, he studied at The State Academy of Fine Arts, the most credible art school in Turkey. He was invited to Sculpture, Arhitecture, Industrial Design and Graphic Art departments for enrollment.
He chose Graphic Arts department and while he was studying, he also got design, drawing, painting, color theory and composition classes with well-known artist and academician Prof. Resat Atalık.
He showed his works in the exhibitions of “New Movements in Art” and “Up and Coming Young Artists” as an active and leading young artist-student at the school.
He graduated with an “Outstanding Performance Award” that he won by his M.A. thesis “Different Artistic Effects Through Different Techniques”.

He continued to work on installations, sound, digital arts and video and exhibited his works several times and claimed a reputation among the known artists in İstanbul.

Sencer Gülün skillfully use a wide variety of materials, improving his conceptual competency and experimental-research-applications ability.

He is currently working on installations on the theme “New Aprroaches to Sound, Video and 3D -Alienation of the Individual” for an international exhibition of that its concept will be “The Global Village”. Sencer Gülün also teaches ‘Basic Artistic Concepts’, and ‘From Text to Concept, From Concept To Creative Solution’ and Illustration courses at Işık University, one of the most reputable schools in Turkey.

In early student years he concentrated on Minimalizm and ‘Cubist Studies -A New Approach’. His creativity remaining focused on concepts. In that artistic period of his he used a rich palette of materials such as wood, paper, stone, metal and fabric, to challenge and question the presence of ‘canvas painting’. This investigation of alternatives to canvas painting gave him the opportunity to state his fresh artistic expression that attracted audience and provided him a place among the well-known artists.
At that period, his minimalist work, oil on wood with the title “Fractual” took place at “New Trends In Art” exhibition, established his artistic character, another conceptual work of his ,
“Coloring Book” criticizing the institutions of art education became the cause of much debate among the other artists.
At the collective exhibition “Seretonin II” that was organized in an unused gas production site, he installed many ready made umbrellas. There were 36 of them flying up in the sky, sending an aesthetic salutation to that old location.

In 1992, he opened his first personal exhibition, this time revisiting ‘The Figure’, by using traditional material. Paintings were representations from slices of life, though depictions of the aesthetic nature of ‘frozen moments – frozen gestures’ questioning the notion of time.


The same year at the same gallery his experimental minimalist work were exhibited. Sencer Gülün presented the variation characteristics of artistic propositions and an investigation of the problematic between material- expression and with this show he greeted the “artistic style” problematic in a relaxed manner. With these minimalistic works he emphasized the perpetuity of the change in repetetive circles but each time in a different way albeit slow and calm within the unity of the universe. He was interpreting and thinking about time and change / transformation.

Sencer Gülün spent two years on experimenting and researching until he was ready with new paintings. The second personal exhibition was consist of hexagonal, convex canvases reaching out to the audience subject of those were told with painted letters, abstract forms, airbrush strokes, figures on the edge of abstract and metalic pieces along the certain traces. There were metal sticks that were complimentary to all paintings and each one was displayed with its metal stick which completed the meaning of the painting. Paintings continued from the main canvas over to those metal sticks and pieces of fabric, metal or wire creating a new totality of effectiveness that the artist wanted to create.

The Artist continues to create digital works of art at his studio, visited by collectors and his former professors. Gülün works on figure and abstract forms claiming the boundaries of digital art without comprimising on the aesthetics.

His abstract digital paintings were exhibited at Yeditepe University at Modern Arts Symposium upon invitation by the university. Exhibition attracted the interest of both teachers and students, the main theme being the microbiology and the aesthetics of ‘the smallest’ in cut-out circular canvases. The title of the exhibition was “Digital Organisms”.

Year 2006 brought another solo exhibition at Mine Art Gallery, one of the reputable galleries of İstanbul, this time in digital figurative under the theme title “Red & Green Musicians”.

Sencer Gülün is lately working on various kinds and styles such as paintings, installations, questioning the esthetical boundaries of digital art, video and sound and sharing his experiences and intelectual accumulation with his students at the university. To see his works, please visit

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