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The artist Gu Gan
Born 1942, Hunan Province, China.

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Gu Gan is now internationally recognized as the pioneer of the Modernist movement in calligraphic painting in China and is its most charismatic exponent. He has long been the chairman of the Modern Calligraphy and Painting Society in China. More than any of his contemporaries, he has explored the potential of abstract art and developed classical Chinese form to express a reality of contemporary life…

His abstract renderings embody a blending of traditional form and modern style. His diverse influences, from Chinese to German masters, create a global, harmonious unity throughout the body of his work. His works have been shown worldwide in locations such as the British Museum and the Museum for Eastern Art in Cologne…

One of Gu Gan’s main ideas is that Modernist calligraphy should provide aesthetic pleasure linked to an idea, not a lengthy text. It was in this style that he produced ‘Opening Up (1995).

Gu Gan has kept his own individual perspective in this cultural whirlpool – which is particularly commendable at a time since 1980 when China has absorbed so much influence from the West. Indeed, his own ten years’ travelling in Europe have only served to increase his belief in Chinese culture, making him a shining example of the evolution of modern Chinese Calligraphy over the past twenty years.