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The artist Alexander Gronsky
Born 1980, Tallinn, Estonia.

Style and technique of the artist: Photography,

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Foam Paul Huf Award 2010. Aperture Portfolio Prize 2010.

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“Gronsky, a ‘new docugraphic’ photographer is renewing the tradition of documentary photography. His photographs use a narrative of intimate distantiation that open a whole new world through an apparently classic technique.”

Wastelands within the city of Moscow, 2009. Areas that are not urban nor rural. Areas that lack definition. In this seemingly post-apocalyptic landscape I see people enjoying picnics, playing, making love and dying. And people that, confronted with nature, return to their prehistoric roots of making shelters and fires. Signs of civilization in the background offer no comfort, they are cold and abstract...

he work Pastoral, from Alexander Gronsky, produces a delicate balance between contemplative images and documents where the action and the protagonists invite you to engage in an active reading of the image. The distance from which Gronsky approaches his subject gives us a strong understanding of the geographic and social particularities of the places he photographs (the wastelands within Moscow city). At the same time, it allows us to place the figures in a broader sociological context that offer a departure point for understanding the relation between pastoral and urban landscape in contemporary society...