Grenville Davey | the artist

The artist Grenville Davey
Born April 28, 1961, Launceston, Cornwall, England.
Lives and works in London, .

Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects, Turner Prize,

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At first glance this work of Grenville Davey appears to be functional, a characteristic to be found in some of his works, but not all…

Davey had been exhibiting work in London and elsewhere in Europe for five years when he was nominated for the Prize in 1992. At first glance his sculptures seem to show the absolute beauty of pure forms, but on closer inspection they seem reminiscent of domestic or industrial objects, oddly enlarged and out of context…

The movement in the early 90s from sculptures flush with the wall to leaning objects against the wall introduced in Davey’s work a more full-blooded three-dimensionality and the strong presence of shadow, as well as a turning aside from relief associations…

The headline in the Wall Street Journal read "Brit Art-Prize Fiasco: Grenville Who?" Employing a marvellously lofty and patronising tone, the article went on to describe the autumn season of Turner, Whitbread and Booker prizes as the UK’s annual "award madness". "Quite amazingly," continued the piece, "the famously philistine British public is completely caught up in the frenzy."

Untitled (from Pair A)