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The artist Joy Gregory
Born 1959, Bicester, England.
Lives and works in London, England.

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Joy Gregory
Joy is a graduate of Manchester Polytechnic and the Royal College of Art. She has developed a practise which is concerned with social and political issues with particular reference to history and cultural differences in contemporary society.
As a photographer she makes full use of the media from video, digital and analogue photography to Victorian print processes. In 2002, Gregory received the NESTA Fellowship, which enabled her time to research for a major piece around language endangerment.

Joy Gregory
While responding to political and social concerns, her work, incorporates elements as diverse as digital technology and print, documenting contemporary life in a story telling manner. Her work has been widely exhibited worldwide…

Joy Gregory
Gregory’s chosen medium is photography. From self portraiture she has moved to articles and accessories of dress, landscape – most especially sea and city scape – portraits of others and most recently wild flowers. Importantly, photographic process is also seen as a means of delivering message – 19th century cyanotype, for example, adds a dimension of time and suggests narrative structure. Often, as in Cinderella Story, where a pair of glamorous golden shoes finds itself in a variety of romantic cities, two subject strands will be pulled together in a delicately ironic or touching narrative…

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