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The artist Richard Grayson
Born 1958, Morcambe, England.
Lives and works in London, England.

Style and technique of the artist: Video, Sydney Biennale,

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Richard Grayson
Intelligence is the second of two consecutive exhibitions by Richard Grayson for Matt’s Gallery. The dual projection video work Messiah was shown before Christmas, and Intelligence, a three screen video installation with sound, is currently being screened.
Intelligence uses the Birth Charts of some of the individuals who have helped shape the current situations in the Middle East. These include George W Bush, Tony Blair, Yasser Arafat, Osama Bin Laden, Ariel Sharon, Condoleezza Rice etcetera. The charts have been drawn from the web and each chart is accompanied by a commentary which is itself computer generated. There are computer programmes available which will give you a detailed and seemingly personalized commentary when you input the date, place, time and location of birth. From this data, the positions of the stars and planets and their relations are generated. In astrology, each relation and placing has a specific meaning or significance…

Richard Grayson
The Magpie Index is a new single-screen high-definition video art-work by artist Richard Grayson, focusing on legendary singer-songwriter Roy Harper.
In The Magpie Index Roy Harper delivers a series of monologues to camera. Each section addresses a different aspect of his work, his philosophy and history, covering the counter culture; religion and superstition; ornithology; nature and the environment; political engagement and the end of politics as well as Harper’s experiences in the music world and the importance of changing light bulbs…

Richard Grayson
Richard Grayson’s video and multimedia works expand on the trifold relationship between religious and social belief systems, individual expression, and the development of cultural identity. According to the artist, the process begins with an investigation of the way we use language and its narratives to make sense of the world around us, and how those narratives, in turn, shape our reading of the world. In Intelligence, the second in a series of exhibitions at Matt’s Gallery, London, UK, Grayson presented astrological birth charts of key players in the Middle East (Osama bin Laden, Tony Blair, Condoleezza Rice, etc.) alongside texts generated by computer programs that map the connections between given astrological charts and specific dates or events. With this installation, Grayson used the language of astrology to comment on the influence of supernatural systems on the construction of our understanding of everyday life…

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